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Simple Pleasures

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I got home from work the other day to find this in our backyard. Is that not a lovely picture of beautiful Baja Daisies? There were also some Modelo Especials and some Dos Equis Ambers in that cooler. It was hot here, and cold, cold beers were definitely a happy welcome home from work.

Because it had been so hot, Sean and I decided to make a simple dinner out of the tomatoes that we bought at the Farmer’s Market, some bread I’d made that morning, and fresh mozzarella. We were in agreement that plain basil leaves are teh suck, so I broke out my flavor shaker, and mixed up a clove of garlic, a bunch of basil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and olive oil to top our tomatoes. It was spicy, from the raw garlic, and deadly for our breath, but extremely tasty. The bread was good for piling on the deconstructed salad or for just sopping up the mess that the dressing left behind. It was maximum yum, for very little effort.

Pay no mind to all the dressing dribbles on the counter. I’m not perfect.

In other news, our pickles are AWESOME!

They’re the inspiration for tonight’s dinner: Cuban Sandwiches. I’ve been roasting pork in the oven for the last three hours, and it smells delicious. So, I’m off to the store for ham and some cheese, and I’ll be back later with pictures of all the porky, pickly goodness.

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May 22, 2008 at 8:57 pm

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