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Spam Musubi

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Hangover helpers.

Hangover helpers.

Look, I’m fully aware that I just put up a post about all the healthy shit that inhabits our kitchen, mudroom and basement, so it may seem odd that my next post is about preservative-laden, meat-ish product Spam.

What I failed to mention in that last post is that our vice of choice isn’t really bacon, or candy, or even ice cream, but it’s beer, and wine.  We live in a lovely little area on the Central Coast that produces incredible wine, and some of the world’s best beer.  And, sometimes we overindulge.  And sometimes the only cure to a long, lazy Sunday of wine tasting, beer tasting, cheese tasting, sherry vinegar finding(!!) and bike riding is junk food.

Hence, a breakfast of Spam Musubi.  Deliciousness in a portable package.

The only way this would look better, would be if it were in my belly.

The only way this would look better, would be if it were in my belly.

Just make some sticky rice in your rice cooker, fry some Spam in a pan and add a little sugar and soy sauce at the end.  Cut your nori sheets in half, and press some rice into your musubi maker that your favorite brother’s girlfriend gave you for Christmas.  Sprinkle in some furikake, lay on the Spam, more furikake, more rice and roll.  And nom.

Dip in Sriracha and don't overthink it.

Dip in Sriracha and don't overthink it.

I served it with sliced avocado in sherry vinegar.  Mmmmm.  The sherry vinegar is just as delicious as I imagined.  It will be appearing here on the blog soon.

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January 19, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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